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Your Thoughts & Wants Are Not Your Own

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Duke University did an interesting study on the effectiveness of subliminal marketing.  What they found was that the result of subliminal marketing appears to be a notable effect not only on ones awareness and interest in a marketed brand, but an influence toward the behavior associated with the brand.  The BBC reported on a similar study and offers interesting insights into theories related to subliminal manipulation.


Written by Aaron Nee

April 27, 2010 at 11:06 am

Manipulating the Manipulators

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Derren Brown devises an elaborate demonstration of how subliminal marketing influences even the masters of manipulation.

Embedding is disabled on the clip, so you will have to follow the URL to see it –

Brown performed the same demonstration in his US version of the program.  You can see the slightly modified US demonstration here,

I previously posted an interesting interview with Brown conducted by Richard Dawkins, which is also worth checking out.