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Millers and Bakers Want in on Engineering New Wheat

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In the past, U.S. bakers and millers have been resistant to genetically modified wheat.  That resistance appears to be turning into support, but under the condition that the bakers and millers can be more involved in the seed designing process.

Genetically modified wheat is now seen by many as inevitable and the leading baking and milling companies want to make sure the biotech wheat is something they can sell their customers on.   “We’re not one hundred percent convinced that our customers will go for a GMO wheat unless it has enhanced characteristics,” says Hayden Wands, director of procurement at Sara Lee Corp.  It is thought that if, in addition to yield improvements, nutritional improvements are built into the seed, then the GMO wheat will be an easier sell to a resistant market place.

The miller’s and baker’s shift from opposition to conditional support should be a big win for Monsanto who has been aiming to restart its effort to develop and sell GMO wheat.  Monsanto in the past has seen their efforts to expand their influence into wheat hampered by strong public opposition to their herbicide-tolerant, “Roundup Ready” GMO wheat.

For more on millers and bakers yielding to the push for genetically altered wheat, see the report at Reuters.

For more on Monsanto, see the documentary previously posted at Knosha.

Also of interest is Michael Specter making his case for GMO’s at a TED.


Written by Aaron Nee

May 10, 2010 at 10:29 am

The World According to Monsanto

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Bellow is Marie-Monique Robin’s documentary “The World According to Monsanto”.  I’ll refrain from commenting on the style of the film.

There are several interviews in the film that are definitely worth seeing.  Robins gives a brief look at several disturbing aspects of Monsanto’s shady history, including: a glimpse at Monsanto’s decades long pollution cover-up; a survey of incriminating confidential documents; the false biodegradability claims made by Monsanto; the extreme biological threats of Monsanto products such as Roundup; and the intense push for deregulating GMO’s (including footage of Bush Sr. saying to a Monsanto rep, “Call me we’re in the ‘dereg’ business” in regard to potential USDA hangups).  Also discussed is: Monsanto’s bovine growth hormone, Posilac; bribery attempts; studies falsified by Monsanto and other cases of fraud; Monsanto’s lawsuits against farmers accused of seed saving; the corporation’s devastating impact on Indian farmers; the problem of unstoppable transgenic contamination of local crops; a PR firm posing as scientists in a smear campaign against researchers; and many more important facts about this extraordinarily powerful, multinational corporation.

The documentary is also available to purchase online.

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Written by Aaron Nee

December 7, 2008 at 11:57 pm