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Thanksgiving Without the History, please?

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Sad Indian

Sad Indian

There is much mud and glory in the history of any nation, but when it comes to the history of Thanksgiving in America it is pretty muddy.  Mark Athony Rolo writes an article in The Progressive that is rarely told on Thanksgiving, but one that we should remember.  In our rememberance, we should start to consider how we can better redeem this holiday in light of the history.


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November 27, 2008 at 5:00 am

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With Thanksgiving approaching…

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A look at how many Native Americans choose to commemorate.

DAY OF MOURNING “An annual tradition since 1970, Day of Mourning is a solemn, spiritual and highly political day. Many of us fast from sundown the day before through the afternoon of that day (and have a social after Day of Mourning so that participants in DOM can break their fasts). We are mourning our ancestors and the genocide of our peoples and the theft of our lands. NDOM is a day when we mourn, but we also feel our strength in political action. Over the years, participants in Day of Mourning have buried Plymouth Rock a number of times, boarded the Mayflower replica, and placed ku klux klan sheets on the statue of William Bradford, etc.”

Talking about Plymouth Rock… or, um, Plymouth Pebble

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