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The Human Cost of Leaves

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You’ve probably noticed a growing awareness among consumers, awareness of where the things they buy come from and what the human cost is associated with that product.  It becomes difficult to buy a pair of shoes or a lousy T-shirt without asking “Am I supporting an abusive industry?”

A seemingly unrelated topic is that of the US’s awkward transition into legalizing Marijuana.  The clumsy shift in the law is made comically evident here in California, where laughable billboards advertise “medical” Marijuana cards and dispensaries are popping up everywhere.  The drug is understood by many to be an innocent offense – illegal but harmless.  Soon, perhaps very soon, it will be legal to grow and sell cannabis, but in the mean time, the same question we ask about our clothing and cheep electronics applies to Marijuana.  Where is it coming from?  Who is getting hurt to get it here?

There was a recent article in McClatchy that highlights Mexico’s expressed frustration toward the US’s flirtations with legalizing Marijuana.  There are those among our Southern neighbors who believe the US is undermining Mexico’s attempts to control the violent drug cartels that plague the country.

Tim Johnson’s article is worth reading and Mexico’s concerns warrant consideration as the US continues forward in developing new drug laws.


Written by Aaron Nee

March 27, 2010 at 1:31 pm

Goliath survives David’s attacks

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In 1999 an unprecedented lawsuit was brought against Chevron in US federal court. Nigerian plaintiffs brought charges of human rights violations that included claims of torture and summary execution by Nigerian military and police acting at the behest of Chevron who aided the killers. On December first, Chevron was cleared of all charges by the federal jury.  According to the plaintiffs, an appeal will be made.

For valuable information on the events leading to the suit, please listen to the radio documentary included in this post, produced by Amy Goodman and Jeremy Scahill in 1998 and engineered by Dredd Scott Keys.

Also available is a transcript of the documentary.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Written by Aaron Nee

December 3, 2008 at 6:13 pm