Obama’s “New Normal” and Mid-East Media

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I was in the kitchen getting Isaac’s lunch ready and turned on the radio expecting to jump into the middle of “The Story” with Dick Gordan.  Instead the voice of the host was female (I didn’t catch her name) and the program was “On the Media” a show that addresses various media outlets around the world.  I initially planned on moving on to the more familiar, “Democracy Now!” but became fascinated as the host moved from an interview in which she discussed the “New Normal” of international relations and militarism being established under Obama to Iraqi independent programming (apparently the typical Iraqi is much more savvy at discerning b.s. from their news providers)  to “Tash Ma Tash,” a Saudi Arabian sitcom that challenges cultural norms.  I also managed to get a little crush on an Arabic television host, Ahmad Al-Shugairi, who airs a special program during Ramadan, challenging Muslims to be attentive to the teachings of the Prophet that effect everyday life (this episode is on waste management – if only I knew what he was saying!).  I definitely plan on tuning into this program and highly recommend it!


Written by amynee

August 10, 2010 at 10:42 am

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